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About Us:

The Conway Muse and Northwest Theatre Arts are located in a converted 1915 Norwegian dairy barn.  The Conway Muse is a small music venue in the very tiny town of Conway, WA (population 91 – about 55 miles north of downtown Seattle). The Conway Muse is a full service spirits beer and wine “A2” restaurant open to all ages (no minors after 11:00 pm).  Northwest Theatre Arts is an “A3” performance space, rental facility and community hall.  NW Theatre Arts is available for rental to private parties for shows, weddings, birthdays, and private events.

The Conway Muse is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights and for special events.  Our customers & fans are predominately from Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Seattle, Anacortes, and Stanwood/Whidbey Island.

The Muse relies on the popularity of the entertainers to bring in the crowd, so bands must have a following or work to generate interest in their show for it to be successful.

We have great sound systems and sound techs: quality of music and sound is very important to us.  We are very fortunate to be able to be picky when it comes to choosing artists.  We were voted Best of Skagit 2016: “Best Live Music Venue”, “Best Place to Meet Men & Women”, “Best First Date Place”, “Best Bartender” (Kelly Hayton). Also Skagit Publishing People’s Choice Award winner for “Best Live Music Venue” in 2012, 2013 & 2014, Cascadia Weekly People’s Choice Award winner for “Best Place to Meet Men & Women” 2011 and winner of “Best Place to Hear Live Music” 2011.  We intend to keep quality entertainment a priority for a long time.  The Conway Muse prides itself on booking original acts – we do not book ‘cover bands’ – and we respectfully request bands play their own original songs and not songs licensed by others.
Typical Band Deals/How it Works:

Musicians typically choose the cover charge and get the whole cover less cost of sound tech ($50 in the Parlor or $100 in the Bard Room & $200 for the Starlight Stage).  Each band member gets a meal and a drink and a very appreciative audience.  The Muse has a very special vibe and friendly staff which makes it a desirable place for quality musicians to play.  We aren’t about the money though most groups do quite well – especially when they make the effort to draw in fans through social media.  We can also pass the hat, which is popular with some artists and customers who do not wish to have a cover.  Other arrangements can be negotiated at the band’s request.

Stages at The Conway Muse & Northwest Theatre Arts:

The Conway Muse has two stages – the Parlor and the Starlight Stage (outdoors).  Northwest Theatre Arts also has two stages – the Bard Room and the Evolution Room.

The Parlor

The Parlor is the featured front room stage and has seating for 48 (with additional standing room for sell out shows).  The Parlor stage is ~186’x66’ (less a 26‘x40’ section), has a 16 channel sound board and is lit by 8 LED cans.  There is a full upright Phillips piano (tuned) on far stage right.  Most shows occur on the Parlor Stage.

The Starlight Stage

The Starlight Stage is located in the beer garden and has capacity to seat 200 people.  Of course we are located in the Pacific Northwest and putting up a show outside depends on the weather – Starlight Stage shows only occur during the summer.  The Starlight Stage is 35’x12’ with the entire back 6’ on a 7” riser.  The house sound system with 16 channels can be moved to cover the Starlight Stage.

The Evolution Room

The Evolution room is a non-traditional “Black Box” theater space most often used as an art gallery, green room, space for private parties, and is occasionally used for small performances and comedy shows.  The Evolution Room has small moveable 8’x12’ stage and a capacity of 90 (chairs only) or 50 with tables and chairs.  The evolution room has a small sound and light system.

The Bard Room

The Bard Room is the largest space and is located on the second floor in the old hay loft (not currently wheelchair accessible).  The Bard Room has a 20’x12’ stage (with small wings) holds 166 chairs only or 80 with tables and chairs and a dance floor.  The Bard room is lit by eleven 300 watt stage lights and 20 LED/incandescent wash and effects lights.  The sound system has 16 channels.  Bands or theater groups can rent directly from Northwest Theatre Arts and put up their own show – in these cases the groups are responsible for their own logistics such as running the door and renting lights, sound and technicians.  The Conway Muse will also occasionally rent from Northwest Theatre Arts and put up a show in the Bard Room if the band has a proven draw that is bigger than can be held in the Parlor.  There is no bar/food service in the Bard Room (customers are served in the Parlor).
I hope I’ve answered all questions you might have had. Please e-mail me if you have any more.
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