Thu 9/14 – Impressions (Stephen Pilolla’s Jazz Trio) – 7:30pm – $6

 ImpressionsImpressions – Formed after years of garage-session jamming and backyard band sessions, Impressions was the brainchild of boredom that transformed into a testament to all the genres of groove – jazz, funk, and blues – in mid 2016. Despite a switch in membership, Impressions sticks true to their musical influences, scouring anywhere west of the cascades for a gig, whether it be a farmer’s market, backyard barbecue, or concert series in the park. Although each member is below the age of 25, jazz is the term that best describes Impressions- All of their music is improvised on the spot! Simeon Billick (electric and upright bass) and Stephen Pilolla (keyboards) met through the music program at Skagit Valley College, forming a group almost immediately. After several different lineups, drummer Aaron Reed was channeled to bring a steady rock beat to the band, and alto saxophonist Brian Do-Wook Kim was brought into the fold shortly after. Now the goal is clear: To get the people of Skagit Valley out of their seats, onto their feet, and dancing- to funky beats!


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