Thu 8/3 – Double Duo MuseBird Cafe w/William Pint & Felicia Dale (Folk) & Beth // James (indie-folk)- 7:30pm – $10

William Pint & Felicia Dale — (often billed as Pint & Dale), are folk musicians based in Seattle. Known primarily for nautical music and sea chanties, they are among the best-known performers in that genre in the United States.[1] Their albums have been favorably reviewed in Dirty Linen magazine, Sing Out! Magazine, and Folk Roots magazine. They tour regularly in the UK as well as the United States and have also performed in The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Estonia. Between 1988 and 1991 they performed with Canadian performer Tom Lewis.

Felicia Dale, born January 1, 1958, grew up on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. Her primary instrument is the hurdy-gurdy. She has been performing professionally since she was sixteen years old. She is also a published short-story author with stories included in the anthologies New Amazons (ISBN 0-88677-887-5) and Warrior Princesses (ISBN 0-88677-783-6).

William Pint, born December 20, 1953, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His primary instruments are the guitar and mandola. In the 1970s he was a member of the acoustic folk group “Silmaril” and recorded “Given Time or the Several Roads” which has recently been re-released as “Voyage of the Icarus” by Locust Records. He moved to Seattle in 1977 where he was a member of the bands “Morrigan,” “Copperfield,” and “Ellipsis,” as well as a brief stint in the humour-oriented band “What’s All This, Then!” Morrigan was recorded by “Folkways Records” in 1979 and Ellipsis by “Flying Fish Records” in 1984.

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bethjames2Austin duo Beth // James’ debut EP, All In Life, is the product of two award winning musicians, Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn. Their original songs and razor sharp musicianship pick up where the Civil Wars left off. Tackling love, their adopted hometown of Austin, and more, All in Life is simultaneously unexpected and familiar, infused with “a shimmering mix of modern folk, mindful pop, and Americana charm. The EP taps into the soul of a rhythmic back and forth between two distinct voices blending into one,” according to Paste Magazine.

The duo only began writing together a year ago, though they met in 2008 while studying jazz at the University of North Texas. Through the years they’ve played in various bands together, but this EP takes their musical chemistry to the next level. Creating their own unique sound, Beth // James navigates effortlessly among American music traditions, rooted in storytelling, but with added indie pop/rock elements, intricate guitar work and arresting harmony.

Album standout “Lion Eyes” is a dark ballad spun from moody tumbleweed electric guitar and iridescent organ, setting the stage for Kahn and Burchill to take everything up a notch with their emphatic, impassioned vocal performance. The duo drives it home with a raise-your-bourbon-to-the-sky chorus, lambasting “her lion eyes”, a rally cry against anyone who’s careless with other peoples’ hearts.

Beth // James comes from two halves of one whole. The band name takes a piece of each middle name to create one entity. The collaboration doesn’t stop there. All In Life devotes an equal amount of effort to both melody and lyrics as Burchill and Kahn share the workload. Both come from diverse musical backgrounds and this influence can be heard throughout. Burchill had performed in more synth heavy bands and Kahn sang in R&B projects.

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