Thu 8/24 – Veronica May ( multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter) – 7:30pm – $5

Veronica MayVERONICA MAY – is a blend of music and madness. Plugging in and digging in on her electric guitar or dragging her fingers across sandpaper on the body of her acoustic guitar. She builds layers of acoustic elements not often heard from the instrument. She’s a multi-instrumentalist and she also has Bipolar 1, two facts that combine to produce a unique musician whose life work of destigmatizing mental illness is set to music.
The Album || AWAKENED
Veronica May and her music have two sides. One is quiet and inward; the ther is big. Very big. With Jeff Berkley on guitar, Jeff Johnson on bass, and Josh Hermsmeier on drums, they create a wall of sound that’s as varied as it is unique. This diversity is represented on her album “Awakened.” On one end, Alabama Shakes, Queen, and KD Lang come to mind. On the other guitar and voice like James Taylor or Jason Mraz’s acoustic sets. Mraz is featured on “There is Hope,” the thematic core song of the album.
The Mission || ADVOCATE
Veronica May seeks to spread hope, joy, vulnerability, and support through her music. She uses music as a vehicle to reach people struggling in silence with mental health diagnoses; to give a voice to people who feel too vulnerable to tell their story. Her music and mental health advocacy go hand in hand. She’s also on a mission to rock your world musically.



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