Thu 3/16 – MuseBird Cafe w/Peadar Macmahon, Harper Stone and ​David Donohue – 7:30pm – $10

peadar macmanonPeadar MacMahon – is a proud native of  Limerick, an ancient walled city in the west of Ireland. He has been living in western Washington since 1990 where he continues to perform Old-time, Irish, and American folk.

He is a singer and multi instrumentalist. His strength lies in his unique interpretation of historic songs .
His latest project is a CD and show of the the life and works of one of Ireland’s greatest songwriters, Percy French (1852-1920.The show was very well received at The Percy French festival in Roscommon and throughout the west of Ireland this summer.
Previous recordings include three albums of American roots rock and rhythm with fellow Irishman Michael Costelloe, and an album of Irish ballads with his Irish folk group MacArra.
His performances are charming, heartfelt , engaging and educational. He offers his audience a greater connection to the songs through the telling of their stories and his own.
Harper Stone)Harper Stone tells stories that come from the twilit heart of old Ireland. Stories that are woven of moss and peat bogs. Sagas strung together like stars on a thread of sky. Legends of the little people and those who dared to cross them. Myths from the misted hills and the folk who dwell within. Bardic ballads and bawdy dramas. He plucks his yarns from the golden-fleeced lamb and spins his spiels on loom made of moonlight. A weaver of words and a painter of parables, Harper Stone strings together sagas like wires on a willow harp, tuned to the waves of the sea
David Donohue.David Donohue is a singer, songwriter, poet and performer. He also happens to have a great love of Irish music in the tradition of The Clancy Brothers. Expect some old favorites.

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