Thu 2/16 – Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth Laprelle (Duo – historians, storytellers, visual artists, and gifted, intuitive musicians) – 7:30pm – $20

Anna & ElizabethAnna & Elizabeth – storytellers, historians, and visual artists bringing traditional songs to life with riveting vocal harmonies, atmospheric instrumentation, and “crankies”

“If you’ve never thought your tastes would lean to mountain music, take a deep breath and soak it all in.”
— NPR Music

A collaboration between Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth Laprelle, the pair’s growing acclaim springs from a shared quartet of talents: Both are historians, storytellers, visual artists, and gifted, intuitive musicians—in combination, a groundbreaking approach.
Inspired by the richness and tradition of the music, Anna & Elizabeth gather songs and stories from archives and visits with elders. They bring these songs to life in performance with sparse, atmospheric arrangements using guitar, banjo, fiddle, and the uncanny blend of their voices in close harmony.

Anna & Elizabeth accompany their songs with stories—of the lyrics, of the singer, of the quest to learn the song—and they illustrate them in mesmerizing fashion.
The two revive the old scrolling picture show, dubbed “crankies”—intricate picture-scrolls illustrating the old songs they sing, which they create in tandem with papercuts, shadow puppets, prints, and embroidered fabric.


Limited tickets available.


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