Sat 6/3 – MuseBird Cafe w/Strangely Doesburg, Sarah Goodin, Stefanie Brendler & Matney Cook – 7:30pm – $10

StrangelyStrangely Doesburg. – I am a cabaret performer, musician, and circus-minded rabble-rouser. For the past two years, I have been touring & performing my solo show throughout the United States, Europe, & Australia. In my shows I seek to introduce my audience to a world where anything can (& will) happen.

Sarah GoodinSarah Goodin –  Bellingham based singer-songwriter Sarah Goodin sings like an angel with a dirty pair of socks. Her musical stylings have been well-received across North America, much to the edification and joyous enjoyment of all she encounters.

stephanie benderStefanie Brendler – s a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer living in Seattle, WA. Since 2004, she contributes horns, accordion, keyboards, and vocals to an assortment of Seattle bands. Stefanie’s musical palate spans a spectrum of influence from orchestral French horn to punk rock, bombastic brass street bands to intimate chamber folk.

In addition to being a solo artist, Stefanie currently performs with the Bucharest Drinking Team; she has previously performed with Tin Tree Factory, The m9, the Yellow Hat Band, the Seattle Rock Orchestra, the Infernal Noise Brigade, Movitas marching band, Your Heart Breaks, Kimya Dawson, and others.

Matney CookMatney Cook – born and raised in the rich river valleys of Skagit County, Matney Cook started developing her skills as a horsewoman and songstress at the tender age of 7. She was first overheard improvising tunes while riding her pony around the pasture at her family home on Pulver Rd.

Since then she’s traveled round the country a few times singing songs at various open mics, bars and festivals, has recorded a solo ep in 2012 and an ep called “Feels Like Home” with her band the Mudflat Walkers in 2013, and is just about to release that band’s first full length album “Sky Valley High.”

Meanwhile she has also honed her skills as an intuitive horsewoman, aiding many horses and humans in their journeys through first developing a solid foundation in relationship then rediscovering that joyful sense of adventure that draws out the inner horse person in us all. She and Jessie coined the phrase “Hoofbeat Attunement” to describe what she offers to those who seek her help with exploring and deepening their skills as they move from predator to protector in the eyes of all equines.

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