Fri 3/10 – “The Mountain Flowers” (Rock & Roll) with Conway’s own “The Sky Colony,” (Cascadian Folk/Rock) – 7:30pm – $10

the mountain flowersthe mountain flowers4The Mountain Flowers started when (co-singer/songwriter)Timmy Sunshine and (co-singer/songwriter) Joe Sneva decided it was time to start over. Sunshine had just relocated to Bellingham, Washington from Seattle, Washington where he was wrapping up his final album with his psych rock trio The Comettes. Sneva was also in the process of wrapping up new solo music, and had been going in between solo, and playing with his long time group The Sweet Dominiques. After attempting a second go at The Comettes with new members in Bellingham, as well as a year of writing solo, and forming a group with friends from Radiation City in Portland, Timmy decided it was time to form a new project. He reached out to Sneva in October 2015 about a possible EP to which Joe replied “YES let’s rent a cabin, bring some gear with us and record an album.” A few months passed as the two decided to write and contemplate the idea. Sunshine and Sneva had both thought that it was time to go solo and leave the band complications behind. That all changed after Timmy shot a text to (bassist/engineer) Aaron Wilford, who had recently moved back to Bellingham from Portland, and was keeping busy recording bands in his downtown recording studio. The trio decided it was time to put in work. They connected with local musician (drummer) Freddy Jimenez to complete the lineup. They are due to self release their first full length album in June of 2016. (Bellingham/Mt. Vernon)

sky colony 3Sky Colony  – All the way from the wonderful town of Conway!


In their musical endeavors, the members of the Sky Colony have created a sound which is not compared to that of many artists. While dancing around traditional folk and classic sounding song structure…, they often blend many sounds from each member’s varied influences to make something that is unique and almost stands alone. An age old story of folk music, a blade of bluegrass, a twang of roots country, and even a far off scream of a metal guitar turned clean, this band has illuminated all these aspects with an emphasis on intricacy and harmony.


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