Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following describes the Conway Muse, LLC Privacy Policy

(We try to respect your privacy and information and don’t go out of our way to collect more information than you provide yourself)

The privacy policy is posted to meet legal requirements.

 What information do we collect? 

Contact information. We collect contact information such as name, address, phone and e-mail.

Payment and billing information. The Conway Muse does not collect or store any sensitive personal information and we use a trusted third party financial transactions.

Information you post. When you post information on a third-party social media site, on our website, or in public spaces we may collect it.

Demographic information. We may collect information about your preference for events and products.

Other information. We use a third party application that identifies information such as your browser, website page visits, geographic location, device identifier, type of operating system or mobile device, or frequency of use.

How do we collect information?

We collect information you provide directly. We collect information when you post comments, ask questions, purchase tickets, register for promotions, etcetera.

We collect information passively. We may use web tools or cookies to track customer information.

We may collect customer information from third parties. We may collect information provided by social media websites and web apps such as name, e-mail address, location, comments, etc.

How do we use your information?

We use various tools to understand our customer demographics to better serve their needs and focus our advertising.

We use information to meet customer needs.  We collect questions and requests and try to promptly respond.  We will store information on ticket purchases and registrations or reservations so we can confirm your purchase.

We use information in quality improvement.  We are continually trying to improve the goods and services we provide and will use your feedback to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.  We observe customer preferences, and in our effort to assure the best quality we will monitor trends.

We use information for advertising.  We may use information collected to focus our advertising and selecting goods, performers and services.

We use information to update you on the status of events and transactions.  We may contact you by phone, mail or e-mail if there are changes or updates in the status of events and purchases.

We will use information for other purposes.  We may use information to address customer and company security concerns and as permitted by law.

Do we share your information with third parties?

We may share information with parties providing services to the Conway Muse.  We do not ever sell e-mail lists.  We may share information such as quantity of customers, geographic location of customers, etc. with Northwest Theatre Arts, LLC, or with performers or their agents, or we may share information with trusted third party vendors who help with ticketing.

We may share information with other third parties. We may share information with event sponsors (see their privacy policies as needed).

We may share information if required by law. You’ve heard about the NSA and other government agencies snooping in everyone’s business, it is possible that they may snoop in yours or ours with or without our knowledge.  We will comply with information sharing mandates as required by law or during the investigation of crimes.

If the Muse is sold in its entirety or in part, we may share information with the new owner or parties that are running all or part of the business.

We may share information in other ways. We don’t know what those ways might be, but as information content and monitoring capability grow, we may share information as appropriate.  We will modify our policy to provide as much clarity about information sharing changes as possible.

What choice do you have about the information you provide and how it is used?

You have an option to ‘opt out’ We do not want to spam anyone, so we try to make it as easy as possible to opt out of informational and promotional e-mails.

You can change information you have provided. Please advise us if you would like to correct or update information you have provided, we will make every effort to keep your information current.

You can control information from your devices.  Mobile devices have settings that you can control so that some information is not publically accessible.  For example, you can turn off GPS on your mobile device.  You can control or delete cookies on your devices and browsers.

Our sites are meant for adults

While our venue is an all ages venue and children are always welcome when accompanied by an adult, we intend for the website to be used by adults.  We do not wish to, intend to , or try to knowingly collect any personal information on children or minors.  If you think a child inadvertently gave us information please let us know so we can delete it.

We work to protect your information.

We employ security measures to protect customer information.  We note that nothing is 100% secure so we cannot promise that use of our site is completely safe.  Please use caution on providing any information on the Internet.  We will not ask you to share your passwords and you should not share them with third parties.  If you think an unauthorized account was created in your name, please let us know so we can delete it.

Information storage

We may keep personal information if it is necessary for our business and so we can resolve any customer disputes.  We are pleased to welcome international visitors to our site, and all customers should be aware that information stored and transmitted on the internet may be transferred or stored outside the United States.  We note that we are a U.S. business and subject to U.S. laws and we would appreciate it if our customers inside and outside of the U.S. respected these laws.

Note:  We link to third party sites over which we have no control.

Customers should be advised that when they click on a link to a third party site (such as a band’s web page) we do not have control of those websites or their privacy practices.  Please exercise caution when clicking to third party websites and check their privacy policies before providing information (our policies to not apply to third parties).  We note that we are not and cannot be responsible for third party websites linked to the Muse pages.  If you have concerns about a third party link we have provided please contact us immediately and we will investigate and as appropriate remove the link from our page.

Updates to this policy.

We may change our privacy policy, if we do we will post the new policy on this site.

Contact us with questions:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our business, site, or this policy.  See the contact page for more information.