Media presents an event RSS feed as well as great integration with Ical or Google calendar.



The Calendar features a subscribable filtering system that imports to your Google Calendar or through Ical for calendars such as Microsoft Outlook calendar.  This way, you’ll only receive updates about your chosen categories of events.  So if your only interested in receiving the theatrical events, then simply select the theater category and subscribe to the filtered calendar.  Of course if you would like to be notified about all of our calendar announcements, you simply subscribe to the calendar without using the filter. The subscription buttons are at the bottom left of the calendar and the category selection at the top.

RSS Feed

Our RSS feed is a simple way to get notified of our events.  It can also be filtered if necessary, the directions on how to do that are here below. You can find and subscribe to the full RSS here:

Customized RSS Feed

To get a specific category feed or a combination of categories, you can add the category ID as shown in this url which will only display our “music” category (category ID 8):
If the wish is to get Music and Theater categories then the url would be:,12
So you simply add a comma and then the next category ID and then you get both categories in your RSS feed.
Our category’s will most likely increase so we cant give a complete list of possibilities, if you need to find out the category id, you can simply go to our calendar and select a category and look at the url.  The category ID will be the last 3 numbers of the url.


Later on, we will start using tags.  For example we might have a tag called “Blues” with the tag ID 6.  Once we start doing this, then it would be possible to subscribe to the Music category of events with the tag “Blues” by using the url:
To find out the tag ID, you’ll need to go to the calendar and choose a tag and look at the url in the same way as finding out the category ID.
If you need assistance, just use our contact form and let us know what filter you would like and we’ll send it to you in email.

Other questions?

Any other questions welcomed, please just use our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.